Several years have passed since the establishment of the Ajloun National University (ANU). ANU has opened its doors wide to students since the beginning of the first semester 2009/2010. All these years, ANU has worked hard to provide its students with high quality of higher education. We take pride that we hire excellent instructors and provide good facilities to create the best possible learning environment.

In these years, ANU managed to earn a prominent presence in the field of higher education in Jordan. ANU role will not be limited in graduating qualified people for the job market, but it will take its role in serving the community at local and national levels, by holding conferences, workshops, studies, and research to achieve the university’s objectives.

The university continued its marsh. It needs to expand at the opening of new programs and specializations at the bachelor’s and master’s degree levels that fit the labor-market needs, and make more effort to produce qualified cadres, and young human capital with highly competitive capabilities, to meet the needs of the evolving community and supplement the work creatively productive market.

ANU is a unique experience, among other private universities in Jordan, since its shareholders are citizens, unions, bank, and charities. This means that the university administration needs to improve its services and develops tools to realize university goals.

We understand that we still have a long way to go, but we have the will and the commitment to realize our vision and reach our goals. We have to work together to make this year different in the positive sense.


University President
Prof. Mahmod Al-Rousan