Dean : Dr. Husein Al-Zgool
phone: ( +962)-6446437      Ext. 522 or 523.
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 Dr. Husein Al-Zgool

I am very pleased to welcome all of you at the faculty of engineering / Ajloun National University. The decision of the Higher Education Council to establish the college of engineering has released in June 14 , 2015 in his meeting No.19 where it has approved to start with the bachelor programs in civil and architectural engineering. In sept.14 , 2015 the Commission of the Accreditation of Higher Education Institutions accredited the bachelor program in civil engineering with a capacity of Eighty students.

The establishment of the College of Engineering in Ajloun National University comes from the deep belief of the University of the great need to develop and train manpower through a commitment to providing high-quality education in the field of civil and architectural engineering. The College of Engineering pays all the efforts to prepare both Jordanian and Arab students to become educated, trained and qualified to create the desired economic change in their communities and contribute actively in the process of sustainable development.

The Faculty of Engineering was established to provide a learning environment that stimulates excellence and creativity, a safe environment that fosters cooperation, acceptance of the other opinion, and the language of dialogue among students, a university environment that gives students the opportunity to obtain high-quality engineering education during the period of joining the College. In addition, the college pays the efforts to provide the student with skills through outdoor activities, lead to refine and develop his abilities and personality and increase his education to be successful in his future career after graduation , active in his community, belonged to his homeland and his nation issues.

Dear Students :
I am pleased to be the dean of this newly founded college and I would like to point out that civil and architectural engineering specialties are considered among the engineering disciplines greatly needed in the local and regional labor market and the employment opportunities for them are wide. I welcome all of you again, wishing you well and success in your education.

Acting Dean of the Faculty of Engineering
Dr. Arabi Al Qadi.